Welcome to Experivida.com | Let the adventure begin!

Like yourself, we want to be happier, smarter & healthier, and to try to have a positive impact on the world around us. We do this by experimenting with our nutrition, health & exercise choices, enjoy our the local natural beauty around us, travel to explore & appreciate other cultures, and be mindful about our choices as consumers to promote companies that are making positive social & environmental choices with their business practices.  This is our journey of experimenting & experiencing our lives through biohacking, trailrunning, foraging, teadrinking & adventuring.
We're pretty excited about what we discover with our daily experiments, and want to extend the conversation beyond ourselves to our friends, families, and to you, dear reader! Journeys are always better when shared, and we'd also love it if you share your insights, adventures, life experiments + experiences with us.

Welcome to our Experivida.

Here's what we're passionate about:


1. Nutrition

We'll be sharing the foods & supplements we choose to eat, the science behind why we eat them, and photo recipes of our favorite meals. Nutrition we can't live without: Coconut oil (tea + cooking), Rubinstein's Red Salmon, Space Girl Organic veggies, our berry post-workout mix, and Joshua's double fermented kombucha.

2. Fitness

We both grew up playing sports like soccer, and running, but we've never felt as fit as we are now.  Strength, flexibility & endurance are our main focus, and we'll be sharing insights into workouts & recovery nutrition. We mostly focus on weightlifting, running, stretching & yoga, but also love rock climbing, kayaking and hiking. 
Shaina's favorite workout: Trail running as the sun sets 
Joshua's favorite workout: Dead-lifts

3. Health

We want to promote healthy selves, and a healthy planet! We've each been experimenting with ways to be healthier over the years, by doing crazy stuff like sending our saliva off to California for genetic analysis by 23andme.com. We'll be journaling our experiences with what works and what doesn't, and sharing our favorite resources for the science behind epigenetics, nutrigenomics, biohacking, reducing toxins in our homes, meditation & relaxation and all the ways we are trying to optimizing our health.

4. Lifestyle

We are sunworshippers, nomads, we love spending time in the water, engaging in creative projects, admiring fun & clever design, listening to great music & watching films, playing with cameras, and we're huge fans of supporting companies that are socially & environmentally ethical.  We'll be sharing our favorite social entrepeneurship & crowdfunding projects on kickstarter.com, like these awesome looking & awesome to look through SunGods sunglasses that Joshua helped fund.

5. Adventures

Traveling. Exploring. Adventuring. We can't get enough of it! We'll be sharing photo stories & highlights from our adventures in Florida, the US, and around the world. 
Joshua's favorite FL, US & World Adventure: The Florida Keys, San Francisco, Prague & Vienna. 
Shaina's favorite FL, US & World Adventure: Payne's Prairie Wilderness, SE Alaska & Bali

6. Local Florida

This is all about finding things we love about living in Central Florida & the Space Coast. Florida is an incredibly fertile part of the US for farming & gardening. The organic scene is gaining momentum- with new & expanding Farmer's Markets, Organic stores & Eateries that value fresh & local foods popping up all over Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford & Melbourne. Florida also has an incredible natural environment, and many State & Local Parks we love to explore and share about. Shaina's favorite local spot: East End Market in Winter Park. Joshua's favorite weekend hangout: The Melbourne Farmer's Market on Thursdays

Here's to a fun, new year of Experivida!