Expereview Week #1: Cancer and Metabolism - The Mechanism behind the Mutation

Cancer and Metabolism - The Mechanism behind the Mutation

We'd like to start a weekly review featuring the best of the best videos, podcasts and readings from our past 7 days. It's hard to capture all that we've digested within our posts alone, and often the authors themselves explain their topics better than we ever could. It's their passion, their expertise and often the culmination of their life's work...

So, without further adieu we bring you the Week #1 of Expereview!

This week we'd like to feature a couple videos on a topic that touches almost everyone in some way - Cancer. Let's pull back the curtain on this mysterious condition, and get to the root cause of the mutations that we call cancer; what they are, why they form and how we can stop them.

We all have cancerous cells in our bodies. Right now, this very minute, you've got mutagenic cells somewhere in your body! Why do some mutations become cancerous, and others don't? I'll turn it over to Thomas Seyfried and Dominic D'Agostino:


ps - On a lighter, and much sweeter, note I'd like to add in a short bonus clip! BEES, the little guys that are responsible for so much of the world's pollination and get so little respect. Recently they've had major issues with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and their populations have plummeted, but this innovative technology could help to bring bee keeping to your backyard! Check out FLOW, you can't beat fresh honey:

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