'Food is not just calories, it's information' | Experivida Podcast of the Week: Fructose Dangers with Dr.Mark Hyman

Our health podcast of the day was from The Bulletproof Executive Dave Asprey and his guest Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Hyman has published 8 NY best selling health books, he is one of the top experts in Functional Medicine in the world, and he biked 25 miles before filming this podcast. He's definitely enjoying his Experivida!

We've been avoiding eating certain fruits and sugars lately because of the negative impact fructose has on the body. We only eat sweeter foods at night, and try to choose fruits that are low in fructose like blueberries, raspberries, and a├žai. This podcast is a great discussion behind what fructose actually does to the body, and raises some excellent points.

Podcast highlights about what certain types of sugar does to our bodies & health:
  1. American kids as young as 5 year olds are being diagnosed with fatty livers for the first time in history. Fatty livers.. as in foie gras. 
  2. "Food is not just calories, it's information"- food is a huge epigenetic gamechanger. Next time I hear someone say they're "Counting calories", I will think of this quote with a cringe, and if they're someone who actually seems to care about their health I might even refer them to this video..
  3. Sugar and fructose in particular causes gut permeability- which leads to leaky gut and autoimmune inflammatory digestive issues.
  4. You gut is a garden that you should tend wisely- you control what you put in it. You want your gut flora to be diverse and healthy, not sickly and constantly under attack from foods that feel good to our brain alone.
  5. Skinnyfat- a lot of people who may seem thin by social standards are carrying bad fats that put pressure on your internal organs due to diets & lack of exercise
  6. Also, Dr. Hyman discusses how glucose has been scientifically found to cause a reaction similar to heroin on your brain- it releases serotonin and is truly addictive.
  7. Dr. Hyman finishes off by answering Dave's eternal question- the top 3 pieces of advice for anyone wanting to optimize their performance. One of his biggest tips for longevity, happiness, health and dealing with stress: Move your body! 

Find out more about Dr. Mark Hyman here on his website: Dr.Hyman
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Did you learn anything from the podcast that has inspired you to change your food lifestyle, the way you eat, or the way you think about food? If so, let us know in the comments below. :)