Welcome to our Experivida Library, where we are constantly updating links to our favorite ongoing research sites for learning how to hack our health, enjoy paleo living here in Space Coast, Florida and the articles, books, podcasts, etc. that we're currently reading, watching and experimenting.

Podcast Playlist 
 We recommend the android or iphone app Podcast Addict for keeping up with your favorite topics. It's quite amazing how you can turn your commute time into a space for learning, and most of them are pretty entertaining too! We listened to over 30 hours* of amazing science, health, culture, and history during our roadtrip in Winter 2014/Spring 2015.
*Experivida tip: Try listening at 1.5x speed- you'll be surprised at how easy it is to understand the podcasts even when they're sped up and you'll fly through them faster.

Our Favorite Podcasts:

  • Tim Ferriss- Podcasts on Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Health & General Awesomeness
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
  • The Primal Blueprint Podcast: Mark Sisson
  • Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution
  • The Fat-Burning Man Show- Abel James
  • PaleoHacks: The PaleoHacks Podcast
  • 99% Invisible- Art & Culture
  • Bulletproof Radio
  • NPR- Science Friday, Fresh Air, This American Life, TED Radio Hour, Intelligence Squared, World Cafe Music, Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • PRI- Echos International
  • Tiesto- Podcast
  • Startalk Radio- With Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • BBC- World Service

LondonReal- Video Podcasts
The producer of London Real is Brian Rose. He's made a huge life shift from realized how unhappy he was with his life working in finance at the New York Stock Exchange to becoming a one man podcast radio operation based in London. He interviews people at his London studio about how and why they do the astounding/ crazy/ inspiring things they are pursuing in a huge variety of fields- from music, culture, green business, sports- and many of whom live a paleo, biohacking style existence. His calm demeanor and carefully researched questions make for some pretty fascinating conversations and we've learned a lot. Here are some of our favorites to start with. 
*Experivida tip: We play video podcasts like LondonReal & Dave Asprey's Bulletproof podcasts on our TV through Chromecast, which allows you to use your TV as an extension of your computer screen- perfect for getting rid of cable and curating the visual content you can watch instead- such as podcasts.
Our Top 10 Health & Lifestyle Websites

1. BrainPickings- A blog and email newsletter by Maria Popova: "A library of cross-disciplinary interestingness and combinatorial creativity".
2. Bulletproof Executive- This is the holy grail of biohacking- and a great place to start if you're new to high fat paleo food choices, and want to jump down the rabbithole of optimizing your health, exercise, sleep, and start buying crazy amounts of cultured butter. :) Dave Asprey is a well of information- just don't let his extreme sense of self confidence and excitement about his products put you off.  :)
3. Tim Ferriss of the Four Hour Work Week- Tim is a force to be reckoning with who keeps his finger on the pulse of the world with his active travel lifestyle, and his polyglot linguistic, serial entrepreneurial adventures that take him from being a competitive tango dancer to kickboxing world championship by intensive training over a few months.
4. Daniel Vitalis: ReWilding Yourself- Website, Videos & Newsletter

5. EarthSprout: Eleanor Bendel Zahn- A swedish herbalist, organic food and happiness expert who shares amazing recipes and about her wild foraging adventures.
6. 23andme Genetic & Genealogy Testing
We've both Tested our DNA- for ourselves and to contribute to research studies that will help increase our knowledge of disease risk and prevention. We have both used 23andme to analyze our DNA, and gives us insights into our health & genealogical backgrounds. If you'd like to learn more about it, check out Genetic Testing with 23AndMe | Experividaing our Health & Ancestry about how we used our raw genetic data through alternative websites to find out more about methylation, detox and mitochondrial health. Tell 23andme we sent you their way:  Order your Genetic Test Kit now

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