Dahm for Baum Kickstarter: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- a Graphic Novel by Evan Dahm

9:20 AM Shaina 0 Comments

If you've ever taken an art history course, you have probably heard about the Medici family. For those of you who aren't in the know, the Medici dynasty was a very powerful family in Florence, Italy, who rose to power as financiers and politicians. Their love of art caused them to sponsor an incredible amount of starving artists throughout the 14th-18th centuries. By supporting these artists, they were able to create a prolific amount of art and cultural advances, which we now call the 'Italian Renaissance'.  Now that, you've definitely heard of. Nowadays, in 2014, we creative folk are doing a bit better, but unless we sell our souls to advertising devils, it's still as hard as ever to support yourself full time as an artist.
This is why I love Kickstarter.com . It's like a modern version of the Medici family, except it allows each of us would-be Medicis to sponsor artists like Evan Dahm through crowdfunding.