Origins | Documentary World Premiere of Pedram Shojai, Dave Asprey, Sara Gottfried, Mark Sisson and many more amazing thinkers!

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"So many people are either unaware of the mounting damage to our health from the destruction of the environment or feel guilty that they aren’t doing better. Origins shines a much-needed spotlight on the root cause of our health crisis and, most importantly, empowers us with simple ways we can make a real difference. Bravo!"
Sara Gottfried, M.D. - Harvard-Trained Physician and NY Times Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure
If you're like us, you're on a path to improving your health & happiness. As we ring in 2015, many people will try to make changes for the next year. No matter what stage of life you're in- we can all benefit from learning better food and nutrition choices, living more harmoniously in our home and work environments, have healthier brains by eating the fats that protect our nerve cell fibers, and seek balance with the technology that is here to stay in our society. 

The Origins film speaks to all of these things.. and amazingly enough- it's free to watch...