Post Workout Nutrition: Self Experimentation Redux

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To optimize my Post Workout (PWO) nutrition I've been continually experimenting with a few things (a continuation from my original post!)... it's a little bit of a departure from purely eating "real food", although I look at my PWO stack as a supplement and still eat a huge re-feed meal (real food) of grass-fed beef/salmon/eggs and sweet potatoes. This is also still a trial and error process, I'm experimenting with the various nutrient stacks to find what really works and doesn't for me. I'd recommend you do the same if you're interested in a little biohacking! 

I'd personally stay away from the "Extreme Power Protein" type mixes out there, it's much better to make your own and know exactly what goes into it. I'll update this post as I discover new things, and add anything from the suggestions/discussions in the future!

Research strongly shows that glucose helps with the body's absorption of nutrients after intense exercise, effectively "shuttling" the nutrients into the muscle tissue. Therefore, I think it's essential for a PWO stack to include a moderate (<20g, dose depends on intensity/duration) amount of natural sugars (roughly 70% glucose, 30% fructose optimal absorption) to aid in delivering any nutrients you have in your stack to the tissue/muscle where it's most needed, functioning similar to a targeted delivery system.


Genetic Testing with 23AndMe | Experividaing our Health & Ancestry

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The genealogy results are quite interesting!
We've both Tested our DNA! We both used 23andme to analyze our DNA, and give us insights into our health & genealogical background. If you'd like to learn more about it, check out . And please considering using our referral link! :)

Sadly, the FDA stopped 23andme from releasing health analysis to their clients. One reason is that they are afraid people don't understand percentage risks (i.e. Results like: John Doe has genetic markers that put him at a 10% risk for thyroid cancer. Test reliability: 3/5 stars.) The Washington Post wrote an interesting article about it, and the title says it all: "Should the FDA stop you from scaring yourself with a 23AndMe DNA test?"


'Food is not just calories, it's information' | Experivida Podcast of the Week: Fructose Dangers with Dr.Mark Hyman

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Our health podcast of the day was from The Bulletproof Executive Dave Asprey and his guest Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Hyman has published 8 NY best selling health books, he is one of the top experts in Functional Medicine in the world, and he biked 25 miles before filming this podcast. He's definitely enjoying his Experivida!

We've been avoiding eating certain fruits and sugars lately because of the negative impact fructose has on the body. We only eat sweeter foods at night, and try to choose fruits that are low in fructose like blueberries, raspberries, and açai. This podcast is a great discussion behind what fructose actually does to the body, and raises some excellent points.


50 Shades of Green | NY New Media Artist Plants Ideas

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People have been grafting trees for over 4000 years from ancient China and Egypt, but it remains a difficult and highly volatile process. 

Grafting is still an extremely common practice, and most of the tree fruits we enjoy eating come from grafted trees- hardy root stocks at the base, with a sweeter, carefully selected variety on top. 

Over the past millennia, we've been cultivating & selecting a mystifying variety of fruits and vegetables- each with their own genetically unique taste, blossoms and growing hardiness. There are also many species of native fruits which yield incredible fruits- like the Chickasaw plum that is growing in my backyard, a hardy native Floridian fruit tree, commonly found in open grasslands like Payne's Prairie. however because of the social trend towards mono-agriculture and GMO, many of these varieties are slowly being forgotten. If you want to plant something other than a Macintosh, Fuji or Granny Smith apple, you've got to look for heirloom varieties. Sadly, the same is true for nearly every fruit, veg & plant species..