Deep, Dark, Delightful: The Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Review of our Favorite Antioxidant Treat

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We Searched Far and Wide to Collect the best Dark Chocolates Available, let the Taste Testing Begin!


You can never get enough dark chocolate right? We originally thought that too, but after multiple tastings (One's never enough!) of 5+ different chocolates it became apparent that there is indeed a chocolate climax, at which point the added enjoyment of each bite has diminishing returns, haha. So, as with everything in life, dark chocolate is great in moderation but I wouldn't start pounding a block per day for health reasons. That's just Cacao!

Historically, chocolate has been prepared as a drink and not the typical solid form we see today. One vessel found at an Olmec archaeological site on the Gulf Coast of Veracruz, Mexico, dates chocolate's preparation by pre-Olmec peoples as early as 1750 BC. On the Pacific coast of Chiapas, Mexico, a Mokaya archaeological site provides evidence of cacao beverages dating even earlier, to 1900 BC. Chocolate is an ancient food/drink, with a rich history and was even used as currency by the Aztecs!

Milk chocolate and white chocolate (is that even chocolate?) are loaded with sugar and contain minimal amounts of flavanol antioxidants so we've excluded both from our taste testing. The cut-off for entry was 80% Cacao, low sugar and a quality product (Fair Trade Organic preferred). The higher percent cacao the better right? Well, it's not all about the favanols, it's about the flavor too! Lets see how they score:


Coconut Butter Shrimp | Tasty 3-Piece Recipe Made Easy

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Tasty Shrimp Sauteed in Coconut Butter, 20 minutes and 3 Ingredients are all you need!

You don't have to be a professional chef to make coconut shrimp. For this recipe, no deep frying is involved, just pure coconut butter for both the oil and coconut batter, and coconut aminos for taste and seasoning. This is the best way to enjoy the flavors of the shrimp and coconut and enjoy the health of ketogenic, whole food ingredients that make the meal high in the good fats and protein that will give you lasting energy throughout your day. But even if you're not worried about what you eat, these coconut shrimp are simply delicious. They'd make an awesome idea for a romantic meal on Valentine's day (coming up next week!) and if you're lucky to have any of these awesome coconut shrimp leftover - they make an awesome lunch treat the next day!

We recommend looking for organic sustainably harvested seafood, and we usually rely on our local Viera Publix for their Green-wise shrimp. Keep the tails on, it adds to the flavor and the nutrition of the shrimp. Kind of like the crustacean version of meat on the bone, which is one of the four pillars of nutrition in Kate Shanahan's Deep Nutrition book.


  • Organic Shrimp (We use Publix Organic Large - Peeled + De-veined 24oz)
  • Organic Coconut Butter/Mana (Not cream, it should be the consistency of peanut butter)
  • Coconut Aminos 
  • Spices to taste (Experiment! We use Herbes de Provence, curry seasoning, and sometimes none - it's that good already)