Inside Quarterly Co.'s Mystery Box | #BIO01 Curated by Dave Asprey

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Curated by the people you admire and follow already, Quarterly Co. offers you an inside look into their life and passions!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite artist, designer, scientist or author is up to? The things they're passionate about, projects they've been working on and things that they really like? Better yet, how would you like to get a package curated just for you from Bill Nye?


Living, Learning, Listening | Ancestral Health Symposium 2014

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Learning from the Past, so that we don't Repeat our Mistakes in the Future.

Today I want to share an awesome presentation series put on by the Ancestral Health Symposium! It's a yearly collection of speakers from a variety of backgrounds, all with a different take on what it means to go "back to our roots" for inspiration, investigation and exploration...


Lifting for Strength | 30 Minute Marathon

12:48 PM Joshua 3 Comments

Lifting for Strength, not to Failure, will get you much Farther in Life and Lifting

Over the years I’ve tried every different workout imaginable: from 1 rep max effort to failure drag sets to 50+ rep body-weight burnouts, kettle bell craziness to human sized rubber bands, drop-sets, up-sets and everything in between… and it all works, for someone. But that someone wasn’t me.

If you’re looking for those huge marshmallow muscles, this lifting routine isn’t for you. If you walk into the gym, pick up a barbell, set it down and walk out ripped, this lifting routine isn’t for you. If you’re just getting started and progressively loading every workout, basking in the glow of beginners gains, this lifting routine probably isn’t for you. This is the workout that’s worked out best for me. If you’re like me, it might just work out well for you too.


Yerba Maté | Legendary Rainforest Energy Tea

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Text by Joshua Titus and Shaina DeCiryan, Images by Shaina DeCiryan Lifestyle & Portrait Photography
© January 2015

Yerba Maté is one of the world's most balanced superfoods, optimized for human nutrition & energy. 

People throughout the world rely on coffee, teas, yerba maté, guarana, cacao (chocolate!), kola nuts, etc. for a bit of added energy to their day. Coffee is the most popular caffeinated beverage, but recently I’ve switched from my coffee consuming obsession to maté for a number of reasons: 

1.    I’m not a fan of the coffee crash (although taking L-Theanine with coffee can mitigate this)
2.    Coffee tends to be significantly more acidic than teas/maté
3.    It’s hard to find quality single origin high altitude beans with minimal mycotoxins
4.    Coffee quality deteriorates quickly after it’s ground and/or exposed to oxygen

Yerba Maté has the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate all combined into one drink. I don’t get the crash like after a cup of coffee, its low acidity and air dried so it’s shelf stable like tea. Maté is pretty mild in taste, with a woody green tea flavor.

Although it’s not as popular in North America, it’s the drink of choice throughout South America! Yerba Maté is native to the rainforest biome, and derived from a holly plant called Ilex paraguariensis. When sustainably harvested from under the rainforest canopy with the help of native workers paid a fair wage, maté is as good for the environment and world as it is for getting your morning kick. Check out how to brew the perfect maté!