Explore. Experiment. Experience.

This is our journey of experimenting & experiencing our lives through biohacking, trailrunning, foraging, teadrinking & adventuring. Sharing and talking about our experiences with our family and friends keeps everything fresh, and helps us learn from eachother. We started this blog mainly for that reason, and want to extend the conversation beyond ourselves to our friends, families, and to you, dear reader! 

Journeys are always better when shared, and we'd also love it if you share your insights, adventures, life experiments + experiences with us.

Like yourself, we want to be happier, smarter & healthier, and to try to have a positive impact on the world around us. We do this by experimenting with our nutrition, health & exercise choices, enjoy our the local natural beauty around us, travel to explore & appreciate other cultures, and be mindful about our choices as consumers to promote companies that are making positive social & environmental choices with their business practices.   This is all about finding things we love about living in Central Florida & the Space Coast. Florida is an incredibly fertile part of the US for farming & gardening. The organic scene is gaining momentum- with new & expanding Farmer's Markets, Organic stores & Eateries that value fresh & local foods popping up all over Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford & Melbourne. 

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