2015 Nepal Earthquake aid: Donate to Sam's House, a children's aid non-profit in Pokhara

I have no idea how it feels to have so many familiar faces and places ripped out from your life. Many folks in Nepal have experienced just this lately with the powerful earthquakes that hit in April 2015 that I'm sure you've heard about. The BBC released estimates of over 3,000 lives lost in the regions of Pokhara and Kathmandu. I've only visited Nepal on the pages of National Geographics and their amazing photo essays, but I'm sure that a disaster of this scale would be hard on any community- let alone one with as little infrastructure as Nepal for rebuilding and moving on with life. Especially for the little ones!
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world financially, but it is rich in cultural heritage and has some of the most enchanting architecture in the world. It is a place I nearly visited in 2011, when I had planned to serve with WWOOF Nepal (Willing workers of organic farms) and volunteer at a tea and coffee plantation in exchange for a homestay outside of Kathmandu. Unfortunately our overland journey through China and Tibet was stopped short the day before we were getting on the train to Lhasa, due to the Chinese government "closing" Tibet to outsiders without notice. I wish I could be on the ground helping out in Nepal right now, but I think the only part of me that can travel there besides my heart is my financial support. 
Sam's House is a children's aid organization is a based in Pokhara and recommended by one of my most respected Sociology teachers and friends Jennifer Fish.

Sam's House Mission Statement
At Sam's House, we embrace the future by providing a home, family, education, and love to abandoned, at-risk, and parentless children in Nepal. We believe that love, security and education are essential rights as well as key components of any child's ability to thrive in and contribute to the world. The people of Nepal, the kindness of their culture, and their devotion to family and friends inspire our organization. 
Nepali children served by Sam's House, an NGO based in the Pokhara region of Nepal.
Donate to those affected by the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes
I sent them a small donation, and pointed our Amazon account to their Amazon Smile Charity Program click through link, so Amazon donates to them with our regular purchases.

I encourage you to join me in sending thoughts of hope, and a financial gift that will help buy the basic things these kids need. The earth is a smaller community than you might realize, and I've found in my life that the more empathy, kindness and goodwill I spread to others, the more likely it is to spread back into my life. Donations are the one impulse purchase you won't regret! :)


  1. Nepal earth quake shocked every country and all nations providing help as soon as possible and patanjali rahat kosh also providing help. nepal earthquake help


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