TEDx Tokyo: The Future is Calling us to Greatness

Amanda Ravenhill is graduate of Presidio's Sustainable Business program, a TEDx Japan presenter, a burning man aficionado, co-author to the upcoming book Drawdown with Paul Hawken, an Americorp Fellow, head of business partnerships at 350.org co-founder of The Hero Hatchery, with her husband Ryan Kushner, and she spends her summer's teaching kids on her native Maine island traditional boatbuilding skills.

She's one of those larger than life human beings, who is pouring her heart into creating a better world. I know this because she happens to be my cousin.

I've been proudly watching her journey to becoming the courageous advocate for the environment that she is. She has recently been interviewed by Entheos on her work as part of their "The Future is Calling us to Greatness" campaign.
Big ideas in this session:
  • Why the Drawdown Project may be the single most important project on Earth
  • Her TEDx talk on the business of nature evolving and the evolving nature of business
  • The Hero Hatchery, 350.org, and sustainable business schools