What's in a Name? | Help us with our Farm Share business idea!

Hey everyone! We've been brainstorming names for the past few weeks as we start on the next chapter in our life experiment. The list of possibilities is narrowed down, now we need your help picking the perfect one for our new business :)

Our project isn't so much to make an app/website as it is to create a way to connect people, as many of the best businesses do. Currently there's a huge disconnect between local farmers and the consumers that want their produce, which we believe is one of the biggest limiting factors preventing further growth of small farms. Right now we're seeing a resurgence of small local farms, backyard gardens, and DIY chicken coops; the challenge is to efficiently utilize these resources and get any surplus produce to consumers before they spoil.

Farm Share Business Name Survey

We're envisioning an Airbnb level app and/or web platform, with farmers instead of hosts and produce instead of rooms. Let's help to bring the localvore movement to the 21st century!

Share your thoughts Here!

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Original text by Joshua Titus and Shaina Deciryan, with images by organic lifestyle photographer Shaina DeCiryan © 2015 Orlando, Viera, Rockledge, Florida